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Drone Certified

My name is Cody Rheault. I am a storyteller, an award-winning filmmaker, and resident of beautiful Central Oregon.


I have a 15-year foundation in still photography that has developed into a passion for filmmaking and writing, but ultimately, the art of storytelling. 

I am a freelance correspondent with the weekly Nugget Newspaper in Sisters, Oregon. For 5 years I have covered small-town events and human interest stories as a contributing writer and photojournalist.


I am also a former member of Central Oregon Daily News where I was a contributing producer, filmmaker, and editor with the task of producing stories for TV broadcast. In addition, I independently produced the weekly segment, War Stories - honoring local veterans and their military service. I also co-produced and directed the Oregon travel series, Destination Oregon, that took our team around the state on over 100 travel features. 

I believe every aspect of storytelling plays a part whether you are highlighting events or promoting a business. Creating professionally imagery is only a part of the process. The art of telling a story through the knowledge of interacting with people and shaping images to evoke the energy of person, place, or thing is a process I continues to implement in my work.

I currently live in Sisters with my family where I own and operate my independent creative business. Ultimately I aspire to specialize in the documentary genre locally and abroad.

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